Who we are

TreesOfLives creates impact projects that make the fight against climate change accessible to all.



  1. Offer large-scale impact investments in activities to restore degraded ecosystems.
  2. Provide investors with financial, social, environmental and economic returns.
  3. Make support for the fight against climate and ecological crises accessible to all.


  1. Involve people in the fight against climate change and the degradation of nature and biodiversity through responsible finance while enabling vulnerable communities to improve their living conditions.
  2. Make real, measurable, transparent and traceable impact investment opportunities accessible to people while allowing them to improve their ecological footprint.
  3. Take action and make decisions based on achieving the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


  1. Respect

    Respect for communities, their culture, their knowledge, their vision and all stakeholders with whom we work, as well as respect for all our commitments.

  2. Transparency

    We value accessibility to our results and facilitate the traceability of our actions. We embrace ethical behaviour and value honesty in our dealings with investors and communities.

  3. Inclusion

    We facilitate the active participation and consultation of all stakeholders to pursue our vision to benefit everyone.

  4. Environmental sustainability

    We aim our actions to significantly and permanently improve the environment in which we operate.

  5. Social sustainability

    Communities will grow and empower themselves by benefiting equitably from the projects we develop.

  6. Economic sustainability

    The development of a sustainable green economy around our projects will ensure current and future generations' economic prosperity.


Martin Peru

Growing up in the country on a dairy farm, Martin Beaudoin Nadeau quickly understood the importance of respecting the land and its offer. As a young adult, he worked in Alberta in oil sands extraction. He saw the damage caused by the exploitation of natural resources.

This realization led him to specialize in the restoration of land and agroforestry systems, which he studied in Costa Rica.

The TreesOfLives fund's idea was born of his desire to create a green economy around the restoration of degraded lands. He seeks a large-scale solution to address resource overexploitation and its consequences on climate change, biodiversity and vulnerable communities.

By offering this new type of investment, Martin hopes that TreesOfLives will put the tools and technology in landowners' hands to improve their living conditions. Therefore, the investor can become a key player in the fight against climate change and social inequality while obtaining a financial return.

It's a win-win situation for all.
For people, yes, but most importantly for our planet.


We are a multidisciplinary and innovative team mobilized around the same ambition:

creating a green economy based on the restoration of degraded lands and the sustainable development of the planet's resources.

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau

Martin Beaudoin Nadeau

Vision of TreesOfLives

Founder and CEO

Denis Buteau

Denis Buteau

Vision of the land management models

Chief Program Officer in Peru

Vincent Crépin

Vincent Crépin

Vision of the technological integration

Chief technological Officer

Léonie Côté

Léonie Côté

Vision of the environmental impact

Director of the Department of Restoration Ecology

Marc-André Coulombe

Marc-André Coulombe

Vision of the customer service

Exempt market dealer

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