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Investing with TreesOfLives means making a concrete commitment to ensure a prosperous future and sustainable wealth for our planet and those who live on it.

Together, let's reinvent impact investing

The TreesOfLives Fund is now launched. Be among the first to invest in this innovative new model.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum amount required to invest in the TreesOfLives Fund?

The minimum investment amount is five thousand (5,000) in your country's currency for eligible investors. Show your interest so that we can make TreesOfLives accessible to all.

How can I recover my investment and exit the fund?

TreesOfLives allows you to recover your investment in one of two ways.

  1. TreesOfLives Secondary Market: if you decide to exit your investment before the ten (10) year term, we will facilitate transactions between unitholders starting at year five (5). W ... read more.
What return can I expect on my investment?

What return can I expect on my investment? It is important to remember that the principal and return can never be guaranteed. However, our land management models allow us to anticipate a return of between eight percent (8%) and twelve percent (12%) o ... read more.

How does the fund generate a return on investment?

The fund generates a return on investment through the commodities from the land and trees produced by the new and restored forests and agroforests. For example, some land management models will allow bananas, cocoa, coffee, medicinal plants, etc., to ... read more.

How can I make sure that you're using my money for green projects?

All amounts invested in the TreesOfLives Fund, net of any administrative or investment fees, are earmarked for projects to restore and reforest degraded lands in the regions where we work. For example, once the 2% administrative fee is deducted, 39% ... read more.

What happens to my investment if you don't meet your equity financing goal?

If the TreesOfLives Fund does not reach a minimum amount of US $250,000 before June 30, 2021, all investors will receive back the capital invested, less administrative expenses incurred.

If the TreesOfLives Fund succeeds in raising between US $250,00 ... read more.

What is the exempt market?

The exempt market allows companies seeking liquidity to solicit certain types of investors without having to prepare a prospectus. It is intended for risk-tolerant investors seeking to diversify their investment portfolio. TreesOfLives uses a broker ... read more.

How is your model sustainable compared to other types of investments?

Our sustainable model is designed to generate positive long-term economic, financial, social and environmental impacts for all stakeholders involved and not just an immediate return for one or the other. The communities, our partners, will benefit fr ... read more.

How will I ensure that I offset my emissions?

Your investor space will allow you to access real-time data on the amount of carbon sequestered and the impact on biodiversity that your investment generates. The information is based on data collected in the field and correlated with carbon sequestr ... read more.

Am I qualified to invest in the TreesOfLives Fund?

To be considered a qualified investor in Canada, a person must have an annual income of more than seventy-five thousand dollars $75,000 (or a family income of one hundred twenty-five thousand dollars $125,000) or have at least four hundred thousand d ... read more.

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